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Happy Water Festival From Today ISP!

October 2016 is almost over and Today ISP couldn’t be feeling better. We continue to grow our customer base by focusing on our core product: reliable fiber Internet and excellent customer service. Now that November is starting we can all look forward to the water festival holiday.  As always, have fun, stay safe, and enjoy some quality time with your friends and family.

Today ISP on the radio

radio-one-today-ispWe recently created a radio advertisement that will run on FM 103.7, Radio One. Check out our Youtube video at the bottom of this e-mail to hear (and see) the advertisement.

Customer Referral Program

Today ISP offers one free month of Internet service to every customer who refers a friend. If someone you know signs up with Today ISP, we will give you 1 free month of Internet. For more information, call and speak with our sales representatives at

Connecting our Country’s Schools to Fiber Internet

In an ongoing campaign to connect Cambodia’s school system to our high-speed fiber optic network, Today ISP has begun providing free Internet to schools in Phnom Penh. Last week, we completed the connection for Santhomuk High School.Congratulations Santhomuk High School, we are happy to work with you to improve the education experience for your students.

Share on Facebook and Win

Every week, Today ISP will introduce a promotion on Facebook. If you share it, you could win 50% off of a 6-month Internet package. One lucky Facebook fan who shares our promotion will be chosen every week to be the winner. To play, all you have to do is share our promotion with your friends on Facebook. Go to our Facebook page and play today! share-on-facebook-and-win-santhor-muk-hight-school