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New Internet Company Provides Free Internet Services to Local High School

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16 September, 2016

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New Internet Company Provides Free Internet Services to Local High School

In a new campaign to equip Cambodian schools with Internet access, Today Communication Company, a new Internet Service Provider focused on fiber connectivity, has recently brought Tuol Svay Prey high school into its high-speed network.

On Tuesday, September 13th, engineers from Today Communication visited the school to deliver the fiber cabling and configure the equipment on-site. The Internet connection will be ready well in advance of the start of the next school term, beginning shortly after Pchum Ben holiday.

Leang Somphot, the principal at Toul Svay Prey high school, made this comment about the new service, “Previously, our teachers had to rely on 3G phones for Internet.  Fiber Internet connection from Today will help them do their jobs much better.”

Today Communication is a start-up Internet Service Provider who began offering services to customers in Phnom Penh last month.  Although their official opening is still several months away, they have already gained attention for their focus on quality and reliability.

Education is a key component to Today Communication’s community outreach program. Steve Miller, General Manager at the company, made this comment, “We are proud to play a part in the education of Cambodia’s youth and we look forward to partnering with more schools in the near future.”

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