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Today Communication Continues to Make Major Advances in Cambodia

Welcome to the 6th edition of the TODAY ISP monthly newsletter. This time, we discuss major advances in our customer service desk, our new web hosting package, business broadband promotions, and more.

The Best Customer Service in Cambodia Just Got Better

TODAY ISP recently implemented a new platform that fully integrates our customer support desk. You can reach our support team by e-mail or social media, and you can live chat with us from our website or Facebook messenger.Our 24-hour support hotline is 070 21 55 77. We will do whatever we can to support our customers.

Web Hosting Plans for Small Businesses

Today Communication is a 1-stop solution center for businesses, offering web development, hosting, internet service, networking, and technology consulting. Are you a small business or entrepreneur? We’ve got you covered! Leave the tech stuff to us so you can focus on the important things – your customers. For more information call our sales team at

New Business Broadband Promotion

For a limited time, we are offering our business broadband internet packages at steeply discounted prices. You can get 6 Mb of fiber bandwidth for only $49/mo. Call our sales team to learn more, 087 21 55 77, or email

Exciting Events

TODAY ISP has been busy on the marketing front. On February 7th we sponsored the new website release party from Pocket Guide Cambodia. And on February 17th we helped to host Bitcoin expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos’ speaking event in Phnom Penh. See our Facebook page for more details and pictures.

Today ISP is easy to find on social media. See a list of our accounts, click here.

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